Devastation on the Delaware:
Stories and Images of the Deadly Flood of 1955

60th Anniversary Edition - Devastation on the DelawareMary’s most well-known book sold out its first edition’s entire initial printing in 42 days. Originally published in October, 2005, Devastation sold well in the wake of massive interest in the tragedy following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. When the Delaware River was subsequently hit with three new major floods within 21 months between September, 2004 and July, 2006, the book gained new relevance. It went on to be named a “Notable Book of 2005” by the 2006 annual Writers Notes Magazine book awards; a finalist in two categories of the USABookNews 2006 Book of the Year awards, and a finalist in both the Best History Title and Best Regional Nonfiction categories of the 2011 National Indie Excellence Awards competition. Now in its revised, updated third edition, Devastation has sold in excess of 6,500 copies.

Retail: $19.95 / 6×9 Softcover / 470 pp. / 126 photos / 32 maps / ISBN: 978-0-9771329-0-4

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Almost Perfect:
Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them

Almost Perfect Book coverIn a world that reveres perfection and disdains anything less, most of us realize that nothing and no one can truly measure up. Yet, when it comes to choosing companion animals, most folks won’t settle for less. These stories are about those animals who — through birth or injury — have been rendered less than perfect, and the humans who found love enough to welcome them into their hearts and homes. Almost Perfect allows you to share the immeasurable rewards those people have found. True stories of inspiration by eleven authors from three countries, edited by Mary A. Shafer and published by Enspirio House, an imprint of Word Forge Books.

Retail: $12.95 / 6×9 softcover / 128 pp. / 25 photos / ISBN: 978-0-9771329-2-8
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Metal Detecting for Beginners: 101 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started

Detecting 1for Beginners Front CoverWhen I started metal detecting back in 2003, Facebook wasn’t really a thing for most people, and there were few places on the Internet to find any information about how to get started. Those came later, and I didn’t know anyone to talk to, so I looked for books on metal detecting for beginners, but couldn’t find any of those, either.

A dozen years later, I found myself still feeling like a newbie, but also beginning to have the confidence of experience under my belt. I saw beginners just like I had been, struggling to even know how to start, and it occurred to me that it was time: time for a helpful guide that was general in nature so it included all potential locations, machines and types of hunting…but still brief enough to not be a daunting read. After all, no one wants to wade through a huge tome before getting out in the field to swing their detectors.

Since I’m a writer by trade, I realized I needed to apply the number one rule of authorship: Write the book you wish you could have read. And I needed to do it before I forgot what it was like to be a beginner.

So here it is: short and sweet, so you can dive in, devour it, and then get out swinging!

Retail: $7.95 / 6×9 softcover / 108 pp. / 2 B&W line illustrations / 7 B&W photos / ISBN:978-0-9771329-8-0

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Rural America: A Pictorial Folk Memory

Rural America Book CoverSix nostalgic essays accompany several dozen richly captioned historical photos from the Library of Congress, many never before published. Rural America garnered 1995’s “Best Book In One or Two Colors” award from the Mid America Publishers Association. Originally published in 1995 by Willow Creek Press, currently out of print but available at

Retail: $29.95 / 10×9 hardcover with dust jacket / 144 pp. / 152 historical B&W photos / ISBN: 1-5722302-1-5

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 Wisconsin: The Way We Were, 1845-1945

Wisconsin: The Way We Were book coverOriginally published in 1993 by Heartland Press, this engagingly written regional history went into three printings. Focuses on the people, places, experiences, challenges and pastimes that  made Wisconsin a remarkable place to live and to visit. The Badger State’s first century of statehood is remembered with the fervor of a sports fan balanced by the keen eye of a news reporter. Currently out of print, but available at and in negotiations for reprinting in softcover.

Retail: $19.95 / 9×12 hardcover with dust jacket / 144 pp. / 133 historical B&W photos / ISBN: 1-5597115-6-6

Hardcover out of Print but available used.

This title is in the process of being reissued in softcover – please check back soon!

A Place to Which We Belong:
Wisconsin Writers on Wisconsin Landscapes

A Place to Which We Belong book coverMary’s essay “Suspended Animation,” written while she lived in northern Wisconsin in the early 1990s, appears in this anthology. Published in 1999, the book was a fundraiser for the environmental group 1000 Friends of Wisconsin. Wonderfully wide-ranging yet united by a common theme, the chapters include intimate contemplations of lakes or gardens and big-picture overviews of science, politics, and land use. Currently out of print, but available through

Retail: $19.95 / 6×9 softcover / 144 pp. / 3 B&W line illustrations / ISBN: 0-9666359-0-6

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Books illustrated by Mary Shafer

Yes, in another lifetime, I illustrated books instead of writing them. Here they are:

Who Lives Here?
A series of four coloring guides to wild animal habitats

Written by Dawn Baumann Brunke, Published 1993. Now out of print but available at Amazon. Soon to be republished as a single combined edition.


Gold Town to Ghost Town: Boom and Bust on Rainy Lake

Gold Town to Ghost Town cover

Written by David Perry, originally published 1992. In addition to illustrating it, I also edited this book. The original acrylic painting that appears on the cover is now framed and hangs in the visitor center at Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota, where the book was originally sold. The book was re-issued in 1996 and is now out of print, but you can still find it on Amazon.

Round River cover



Round River

Written by environmental visionary Aldo Leopold. Originally published by Oxford University Press in 1953, five years after Leopold’s death, this nature classic was revived by the author’s son, Luna, and re-issued in 1991 as an illustrated hardcover. I worked at the time as the art director at NorthWord Press (long since acquired multiple times by larger publishers), which was publishing the book, and so had the honor of being able to illustrate one of the all-time classics of outdoor literature in traditional pen-and-ink style. I’m very proud of this work. It’s now out of print, but if you have a few hundred dollars lying around, you can still get a copy of this hardcover edition.

Open Spaces

Open Spaces cover

Written by Jim Dale Vickery, published 1991. I illustrated the cover for this one. Out of print but available online.