WLVT/PBS 39 Tempo! magazine host Amy Burkett features reporter Jeff Chirico interviewing author Mary A. Shafer, local officials and flood survivors about the record-setting flood of 1955, caused by Hurricanes Connie and Diane in this 50th anniversary look at the weather disaster.

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Mary Shafer, AuthorI was born into a family of writers. My dad began his career as a cub reporter for a Pennsylvania newspaper and became an advertising copywriter. My mom was a poet, though she rarely shared her work. My brother was a sports reporter for a time, and my sister, like I, is a freelance writer whose work includes many books. Wordplay was a popular pastime in our home, and although I began my career as a graphic designer/illustrator, I suppose it was inevitable that at some point, I would return to writing to make my living. These days, I do that from a bucolic part of charming Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I am inspired daily by the incomparable beauty of my home state. Read Mary’s full author bio…

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